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Dominican Republic grow with Milex

Grupo Mejía Arcalá 60th Anniversary celebrates big success

The Mejia Arcala Group, a company that since 1954 Milex milk markets the iconic held under a splendid activity that friends, clients, government representatives, among others, gathered at JW Marriott hotel where an exquisite atmosphere prevailed occurred, entertaining full of energy and elegance worthy of a special from great achievements based on the persevering work and focused on the needs of Dominican families commemoration.

Ballardo Don Alvarado Mejia, President of the company expressed great satisfaction to see the fruit of this business journey, which start with Don Emilio Arcala Bilbao Basque immigrant father of his wife Mrs. Ofelia Arcala Luz Mejia, who had four children: Emilio Bayardo, Roxanna, Jacqueline and Alexandra.

After interesting audiovisual movingly conveyed the essence of the Group Mejia Arcala, its history, its current structure and vision, Mr. Raul Rizik Yeb, executive vice president of the company, on behalf of the entire team will be screened, thanked the many friends and colleagues who accompanied them on that special night and time provided attendees with God commending achievements to come to a firm decision to continue to promote the values that guarantee the best results for the company and for the country.

A row, Don Ballardo Mejia Alvarado, president of the company, express emotional words of experiences, enhancing its gratitude for the confidence afforded by customers and suppliers with whom to cultivated an excellent relationship over six decades, which has made possible a dream that started with just 30 employees and now has more than 700 employees.

Group members Mejia Arcala, Arla Foods, Milex producers in Denmark and cheeses Arla, Don Ballardo surprised with a deserved recognition Mejia led by Mr. Steffen Andersen and Torben Hansen, Vice President of the Danish firm and Commercial Director at Arla country respectively, and a delegation of executives of this prestigious European dairy corporation, who highlighted the excellent work Arcala Mejia has done for so many years making the preferred Milex milk Dominicans.

From the beginning, the Milex brand has been part of the family of products sold by the Company over nearly 6 decades, becoming the leading brand in its category with more than 50% of market share.

In 2005, the distribution of other products, such as cheese and butter begins; produced by Arla Foods. In 2007, Mejia Arcala Group acquired 100% shares of Pasteurizadora Michel, today, MilkAgro, in which the full range of cheeses Michel occur.

Already in 2011, Mejia Arcala Group becomes exclusive distributor for the Dominican Republic in the prestigious nectars Del Monte, which the vocation of success in the distribution of products that meet market promised to reconfirm.

Ballardo Don Alvarado Mejia, was born in San Pedro de Macoris, son of Don Fernando Mejia famous merchant of Sultana del Este when and Doña Catalina Alvarado Mejia. He worked as a child with his father at the grocery store family called “Grocery Mejia” which was the largest in the region began to acquire his skill in business, that at age 17 he emigrated to the United States where he remained for three years, during which time he learned to see life from a broader perspective, which was of much advantage in business. In 1951 on his return from the United States began as a traveling NAVARRO signature, CAMPORA C.por A. liquor distributor and provisions (now defunct). By 1954 he founded with his father Don Emilio Arcala company currently presiding Mejia Arcala srl named C.por A. AGENTS Arcala at that time, since its inception introduces several lines like the famous MILK MILEX which occupies a place of leadership in the dairy market in the country.

Don Ballardo Mejia is self-taught because he had no opportunity to be educated today are accustomed, but has gained extensive culture based on a continuous reading. It is famous and distinguished his skill in business since been allowed to place the company that owns and chairs in a leading position in domestic trade.

It feels satisfied with the growth achieved by the company and remember that in the beginning was engaged in the export of coffee, cocoa, beeswax, annatto products were destined for Europe, Japan, and the United States, however the difficulties forced out of business and refocus the new company. So it was that happened to importer exporter and later a representative of prestigious brands.

One of the things he meets is the growth that has taken the company, which started with just 30 employees and currently has over 700 employees.

He attributes much of his success to honest and tenacious performance work based on his philosophy of working tirelessly.

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