The History of Lurpak butter goes back more than 100 years. In fact, the Lurpak brand was first registered in 1901 , which possibly makes her mark with more years in the world.                  free
From the beginning until today , people have Lurpak selected for their high quality and unique flavor made ​​famous in the world. Among others, Lurpak awarded " Best in Class" at the World Championships in 1998 and 2000. "                  free
Today Lurpak ® can be found in over 100 countries , making it the best-selling brand of butter in the world. Lurpak ® butter is a world class top quality Danish milk and packaged in silver foil butter from the same machine that makes Lurpak ® butter has a unique distribution of water and air into the product that gives as results in a uniform texture and wonderfully intense flavor. It is delicious on all types of bread.

Products by Brand

Salted butter

Mantequilla Lurpak ® ligeramente salada tiene un puro sabor y aroma, con un toque de sal. Su aspecto es estrecha y homogénea, con un brillo uniforme, brillante.

Unsalted Butter

Mantequilla Lurpak ® esta hecha a base de crema fresca y no contiene nada de sal. Tiene un sabor fresco y puro, y te ayuda a controlar el nivel de sal en tus recetas.

Spreadable butter

Mantequilla Lurpak ® untable se ha convertido en un clasico moderno de las cocinas con su distintivo sabor Lurpak. Es ideal para mezclar con ingredientes frescos y crear tu propio sabor.

Slightly Salty Butter

Mantequilla Lurpak ® ligeramente salada esta hecha a base de cream fresca y un poco de sal. La caracteriza su sutileza y frescura. Es perfecta para combinar y realizar todo tipo de recetas.

Butter With Garlic

Mantequilla Lurpak ® con ajo tiene un distintivo aroma y sabor, con un toque de sal. Un aroma ligero pero fresco y el excelente sabor de mantequilla Lurpak.

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